FRP Pultrusion

FRP Pultrusion

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We offer a wide range of Pultrusion products for the process of Pultrusion process.  Pultrusion is the continuous automated closed moulding process that is cost effective for high volume production of constant cross section parts. Pultrusion produces profiles with extremely high fiber loading, thus pultruded products have high structural properties. The basic process usually involves pulling of continuous fibers through a bath of resin, blended with a catalyst and then into pre-forming fixtures where the section is partially pre-shaped & excess resin is removed. Due to consistency of cross-section, resin dispersion, fiber distribution & alignment, excellent composite structural materials can be fabricated by Pultrusion. The profiles produced with this process can compete with traditional metal profiles made of steel & aluminum for strength & weight. The provided range of the FRP Pultrusion product fully conforms to the set quality standards and is rock hard in any diverse conditions.

FRP Impeller
FRP Venturi Scrubber
FRP Trolley
FRP Cl2 Gas Safety Hood
FRP Fuming Chamber
FRP Canopy
FRP Pultrusion
FRP Hopper/HDPE FRP Hopper
FRP Filter Plate
FRP Pultrusion Exporter FRP Pultrusion Supplier


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light weight
  • High strength
  • Non-conductive
  • Electro-magnetic Transparency
  • Low Temperature Capabilities
  • Dimension stability
  • Flame Retardant
  • Electrically Insulating.
  • Easy to Fabricate & Install
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