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With the innovative and market attractive products, Omkar enables the development and growth of the company and ensures work in the broader environment, thereby satisfying the interests of the owners. Omkar Composite Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2014 by Mr. Bharat Raj Purohit is headquartered in Palej, Bharuch, and Gujarat in India. It is an associate company of the Om Glass Fiber Equipments established by Mr. Ramesh Raj Purohit, which traces its roots back more than 30 years. The company has been established with a sincere motive of Director Mr. Bharat Raj Purohit and Managing Director Mr. Ramesh Raj Purohit to make the country pollution free by way of manufacturing an absolutely environmentally friendly range of the industrial chemical process equipment that is absolutely recyclable and cost efficient.

FRP Impeller
FRP Venturi Scrubber
FRP Trolley
FRP Cl2 Gas Safety Hood
FRP Fuming Chamber
FRP Canopy
FRP Pultrusion
FRP Hopper/HDPE FRP Hopper
FRP Filter Plate

The activity and processes are based on the values that have been divided into five sets: respect and cooperation, belonging, responsibility and economy, care for customers and employees, creativity and ambitiousness.

respect and cooperation

We always behave with others as we want others to behave with us. We do not permit disrespectful behavior. Here in Omkar there is no place for cruelty, unscrupulousness and conceitedness.

We are always together whether it is best or worst; we resolve our problem together, also together we celebrate. We collaborate in setting and fulfilling goals, where we realise that we are a collective that can only achieve these goals through cooperation. That is the reason we encourage team method. we encourage diversity of thinking, and we stress the importance of the individual’s contribution to the common result.    


The employees connected with us states that “we are proud to be Omkar people.” The loyalty of our employee is the cornerstone of our company’s existence and development. We are striving to create a comprehensive system for managing human resources. All employees are aware that it is important to identify with the harmonized goals, values, mission and vision of the company. 

responsibility and economy

Our motto is “what we say is what we do” we always fulfill the commitments and promises given by us.

In all circumstances and at all times we act rationally with company assets, as if this was our own property, while at the same time we strive to obtain maximum yields from the lowest possible inputs. we are result oriented, achieving optimal conditions in the market, constantly reducing costs, continually searching for business opportunities and the generation of profit.   

Care for customers and employees

Since we believe in “customer is king” a sensible openness to the customer’s needs has constantly been our competitive advantage. We have a plan and targets for working with clients. Our approach with client is very genuine. We seek out the best possibilities for price and quality, we are approachable, we create a pleasant atmosphere, and we are friendly, reliable and flexible.

We work to ensure the development selection and professional and personal growth of employees, so the right people get to the right jobs. Our jobs enable quality

Creativity and ambitiousness.

Working at Omkar means a professional and personal challenge, where constant learning and personal development establish the foundations for greater creativity. We take time for thinking and innovative approaches, and we encourage new ideas, rewarding the good ones. We are constantly improving the methods and results of our work.

We know that our goals are high but they are attainable and we have the courage to accept obstacles and errors, from which we are able to learn. We set high company levels and also high levels at individual wherein we encourage healthy competition and aspirations towards education and promotion at the workplace, and at the same time we strive to achieve a balance between work and family life.

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